Back in the saddle

Wow, it’s been a hot minute. Truth is, I’ve never actually stopped thinking about writing again. So much has happened since I’ve had a “blog.” Do they even use the word “blog” anymore? I like to fancy myself a creator, if you will. I love creating. Drawing, painting, music, writing, podcasting, making videos, etc… Most of the time there is very little time for that kind of thing. Since we last spoke I’ve moved back to my home town, started a new job, and even had a baby. My wife and I were blessed with a little baby boy, Hutch, who has shockingly (insert sarcasm) taken up all of our time. 
We really wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s amazing to see the world through the eyes of a baby. The innocence and the wonder when they discover something new is astounding. It really is a beautiful sight.

With the new addition to the family, little time is left for creating. That’s ok. My responsibilities have shifted dramatically, for the better. I still create things when I have a spare minute. I’ve been playing around with creating short movies on my iPhone (an amazing piece of technology to say the least), I’ve been streaming some game play to Twitch, and even recording a little bit of YouTube videos. Things are going ok. I’m never going to be a millionaire making game videos or time lapses, but it’s fun for me. I’m not here to make big bucks. I’m here as an outlet for a creative mind. I thought maybe starting up this blogging business might spark some other creative adventures.

Will this be daily? No way. Will this be funny? Not all the time. Will this be interesting? I can only hope. Buckle up.