10 Minute Mornings?

Things have been at a slowdown over here at ChowlbPlays and Chowlb.com. Family first. I’ve written about this before, but it should be reiterated. Everything I do outside of gaming and the internet, I do for my family (sounds like a bad Bryan Adams cover song). Every once in a while I have a little bit of “me” time. I used to stream my gaming to Twitch on a regular basis, but things have changed and that’s not really an option at this point in my life, not saying you’ll never see me online randomly. For awhile I was just playing my games alone, in my office. A couple of week ago I had an idea to start a new YouTube series. Instead of long winded “let’s play” videos, and trying to play a game start to finish all on video, why not just share the time I do have. I understand no one probably cares, but hey I enjoy it.

Early in the mornings I usually have a varied amount of time to jump into a game. This ranges from 15 to sometimes 45 minutes of an uninterrupted video game extravaganza.  I present to you: ChowlbPlays 10 Minute Mornings! You’re right, it’s not just 10 minutes, but it sounded cool in my head, and it’s my project..my head my rules my project your loss…

Today I created my first episode of 10 Minute Mornings. If you happen to care, let me know what you think in the comments on YouTube. If you don’t care, then don’t share (man I’m on a roll).

I hope you all enjoy watching as much as I enjoy creating. Love you all.